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An on-line version of Alf Allen's
Family History Annals", my dad's life's work.

As I've said on the home page, my dad spent many years compiling information about his family. He found out some by research at the Public Records Office as well as quite a lot from talking to his mother and other family members. Those sources primarily led him to produce this family history focused on his maternal line. Of course, most of these "Family History Annals" are a compilation of his memories and his collection of diaries between 1921 and 1978. He kept everything...

On additional pages greenwich I've copied and edited the six sheets he produced entitled "The Allens of Greenwich", in which he outlined his ancestor search for his paternal line. It must have been difficult as his father, John Alfred Allen [b. 22nd November 1892], died aged 40 [30th January 1933], and HIS father (i.e. my dad's grandfather), John Stephen Allen [b. 12th March 1862], the Publican of the "Sun" Public House, Greenwich, died aged only 33 [6th October 1895] but my dad managed to trace back five generations; I've included a partial family tree.

The "last" chapter 1978 - swaythling, which gives some information about his life from 1978 until his death in 2001, is my sole addition (apart from comments in the text, which I've marked as "Mike says" or similar). I realise it is a poor attempt to summarise those last twenty-three years, and as I read it again I make changes. Again.

It's a shame he didn't get to appreciate the usefulness of the Web for researching family history - I've again just searched Google.com for "family history uk" and it gave me 98,700,000 hits (instances of web pages where the Google search-engine found the words "family history uk"); searching just plain "family history" gave a staggering 634,000,000 hits, and that will have increased by the time you are reading this (incidentally, just to note Web-growth, those figures above both increased five-fold between 2002 and 2006, as I've been editing this site).

In order to publish this, I've taken some liberties with his punctuation and with the flow of sentences, but nothing you'd notice, I hope (or rather, nothing he'd have noticed). No meanings have been changed and little syntax has strayed from the original. Similarly, I've amended and updated my dad's spelling, but complain to me if you're upset...

I've added some monetary explanations - primarily decimalised the £/s/d he used (as indeed we all did prior to 1971) and shown a rough € (euro) equivalent, at €1.00 to £0.66, which was the rate when I wrote or added those bits. Maybe we'll have the euro in Britain by the time you're reading this...

I'm trying to make this website as accessible as I can, changing the HTML code many, many times as I've written the site and learn more and more about accessible websites.
I cannot guarantee that it IS accessible - I'm still learning about accessibility and compliance with good practice that enables a range of people to access the Web.
I've been immensely grateful for the work of many organisations (for example AbilityNet) and people, whose work I have heartily plagiarised.
The most-notable of these resources, without a doubt in my mind, is the e-book "Dive Into Accessibility - 30 days to a more accessible web site" by Mark Pilgrim. Its basis is weblogs, but the principles are right there for all types of webpages; take a good look at http://diveintoaccessibility.org/ - it's well written and worth investigating!

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Text by Alf Allen 1999. Edited and spell-checked by Mike Allen 2003.
Most photos taken by Alf and most illustrations drawn by him; scanned from his albums, etc., now in my possession and digitally edited 2003-2005.
Yes, yes, the photos and layout need updating - the website was first designed in "dial-up days", before any sort of broadband, and everything had to be small so it uploaded and downloaded fast. Work to do, I know.

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