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Picture of Alf Allen, taken in 1952 at Sutton in Surrey. Click to enlarge.

My Family History Annals.
Alf Allen (1921-2001)

< click to enlarge - a picture of alf taken at sutton in 1952

"From Southwark to Southampton.
A diary of events from pre-1900 to 1978."

An on-line version of my dad's life's work, prepared by Mike Allen.

In 1999 my father, Alfred Douglas Allen, completed his "Family History Annals", compiled over a number of years from talking to family members and his own recollection. He laboriously typed it out on his "modern" Canon Style-Writer word-processor (yes, the one that had eight or so lines on an LCD screen and the most complex formatting instructions I've ever seen; but it did the job for him...).

He produced a total of five copies, each individually printed on that Canon, gave me the first copy, his two brothers and step-sister the next three and kept the fifth for himself. Luckily enough, I had copied the text to floppy disks and had the original eleven chapters saved on my computer, in my mind "ready to print more copies when he needed them". This has made the transfer to an electronically-stored and distributed medium (i.e. this website) much easier...

As I have been hoping to outline in the last chapter that looks at 1978 onwards, "swaythling" (my addition), he never needed more copies (and knowing him, never would have wanted any further distribution); he was taken ill with Oesophageal Cancer in February 2001 and died on 24th March in Southampton General Hospital.

He dedicated his Annals:

In that vein, and begging his pardon for spreading this further than he might have imagined, this is for my dad - a man sometimes frail, always great, and who everybody said thought the world of me and didn't get to properly tell me.

Thanks, dad. I love you and miss you.


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