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OK, OK, you know all this by now... I would hope.

We've now been married for ten years, but we wanted to keep this reminder waving at the tubes of the internet.

Following the ceremony and (almost weather-stricken) garden-party reception, here are a few words of thanks and some photos of the proceedings: what really went on - before, during and after the ceremony.
Blush now, or forever hold your piece.


I want to know what really went on before
picture warning of a link to explicit bad taste ahead...

The stag weekend in Lille.
Be warned:
it's all true but it ain't nice

I want to know what
went on during

Some wedding pictures
in Caverswall

I want to know what went on afterwards

Some honeymoon pictures in Transilvania

And if you weren't there…
Click to see the proof of it all

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